Our history We had a wonderful man. A man, who was a diligent dedicated confectioner who inherited to us the love of...

Dear Guests! Our museum is temporarly closed. 

The Museum

Marzipan calls for creating. Holding a piece of marzipan starts to live its own life. It can be formed into balls, little kitten or a human shape. We live our childhood again the carefree entertaining creating.

Nevertheless we have some colleagues who improved the childhood doughplay. Szabo Karoly was one of them, who was the founder of the Marzipan Museum, who is present only with his craft and philosophy.

If you visit Szabo Marzipan Museim, you can see that imagination here is unlimited. Our visitors are often amazed and want to touch our exhibited works. It is hard to grasp that everything is made of marzipan and sugar here. Famous Hungarian buildings and renown historical heroes can be placed next to each other as well as well known Hungarian and world famous scenes of tales.

Visit our Museum and you won’t believe your eyes. Marzipan was reborn!