Our history We had a wonderful man. A man, who was a diligent dedicated confectioner who inherited to us the love of...

The Café

What occurs to you when you think of a café? The sound of a coffee machine, the noise of coffee cups, the silent conversation of the neighbor table or the unique smell. We have all these and something more which is needed by every guest. The love. Because we love our café. Our colleagues adore working here and we are proud of our coffees, cakes and the thing that from the sense of Szabo Marzipan everybody takes home a little piece.

One experience that stays with you forever.

Take a sit on our terrace from spring to autumn or inside wintertime. Glimpse the Castle and Fishermen’s Bastion from the island of piece. Choose from our warm and cold drinks or the delicate cakes. If you enter our place you will see that we don’t need any particular decoration. Our work and the art of our colleagues are the decoration itself. On the walls there are not only amusing art works but there are miniature works which can be one day exactly on your table at a family occasion in order to lift up the atmosphere of a unique celebration.

Choose from our marzipan figures, desserts and delicates. Then just a door to go to find out the masterpieces of the art of marzipan. Entering the Museum, which can be approached from the Café, suddenly we don’t know where we are. The diverse styles of art works immediately placed in order as soon as our visitors learn that everything are made of sugar and marzipan. Famous Hungarian buildings and renown historical heroes are placed there beside a mighty weddings cake. We even have colorful pictures about recent actors. The exhibition is extremely diverse, notwithstanding unified, since everything is sweet and edible.

The flavor of marzipan can be enjoyed by people who have food allergic, diabetes and on diet.