karcsibacsiWe had a wonderful man. A man, who was a diligent dedicated confectioner who inherited to us the love of marzipan. We would like to cherish and improve this legacy in an appropriate way in the workshops of Szabo Marzipan and in confectionaries.

Szabo Károly was born in 1926 in Arad. He picked up his profession in Nagybánya. From 1944 we worked in Wien. As a new turn during his adventures life he moved to Lebanon and his cakes became favorite among the ruler of the Middle East at ones. His products were welcomed at the Arabic dynasties. His amazing delicates fascinated the customers. After seven wonderful years returned to Europe. In Wien he set up his marzipan manufactory in Puchberg am Schneeberg, where he lived with his family. With hard work he became well known throughout Europe and within few years he became the biggest only handmade business. Besides his daily work at the workshop he taught as well in St.Pölten, since he considered passing his knowledge to the youth crucial. He established a marzipan museum in Puchberg in 1985. His hart is always stayed Hungarian as soon as he had a chance he came back to Hungary and found his marzipan manufactory in Budapest, Csepel. Since then the enterprise has been delivering excellent quality marzipan to many cities all around Europe.