SZM term  2013-03-20 15-42-57 - Version 2

Bar double soaked in chocolate

red: mixed fruit

yellow: haselnut

green: vanilla

blue: coffee

SZM term  2013-03-20 14-41-31 - Version 2

Diabetic marzipan potato and mazipan bar

The flavor of marzipan can be enjoyed by people who have food allergic, diabetes and on diet.



SZM term  2013-03-20 15-58-43 - Version 2

Marzipan cube

blue: orange

yellow: hazelnut

purple: cranberry

silver: mint

SZM term  2013-03-20 15-17-30 - Version 4

Dried fruit soaked in cognac, wrapped in marzipan covered with chocolate.

blue: plum

yellow: apricot

brown: fig

red: strawberry

green: pear

SZM term  2013-03-20 16-01-08 - Version 2 Marcipán potato

SZM term  2013-03-20 16-04-23 - Version 2

Marzipan bar

green: pistachio


orange: orange

dark natura: hazelnut

brown: chocolate

SZM term  2013-03-20 15-40-23 - Version 2


coat-of-arms: champagne thaler

green: pistachios

blue: chocolate

bronze: orange


SZM term  2013-03-20 15-32-32 - Version 2


red: cherry cognac

blue: rumvalnut

yellow: orange

purple: raisin

silver: peanut

dotted: coconut

green: honey hazelnut



SZM term  2013-03-20 14-51-10 - Version 2


Orange marzipan on a thin wafer and choclate hazelnut on the top and dipped in dark chocolate.

This is the Stolni.